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Debate and Global Citizenship

Debate and Global Citizenship

This is an 8-Part workshop series that exposes students to global topics and trains them to analyze issues from multiple stakeholder perspectives, step into the shoes of international leaders and decision-makers and creatively solve problems. We dive deep into current issues such as poverty, sustainable development, human rights and other social justice goals. Our trainer introduces students to thinking models that allow micro and macro level analysis, problem solving tools, design thinking, and develop negotation and communication skills to become future leaders.

Activities include:
1) Debates and Discussions
2) Model United Nations
3) Role Plays
4) Putting On Thinking Hats
5) Research & Speeches & Presentations


2 hours


Debate and Global Citizenship

Mahesh Pamnani

Mahesh Pamnani is Inspire2Aspire Consulting's Chief Happiness Officer and Wellness Coach / Mental Health Educator / Trainer. He has been leading health & happiness workshops for Corporates, NGOs and HK Government since 2009.

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