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CSR Starts From Within

The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

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33% of Gen Z and millennial workers have turned down a job offer because the company didn’t align with their personal ethics.


据估计,香港每 7 人中就有 1 人会在任何特定时间出现常见的精神障碍。

您知道吗 - 对于那些遇到心理健康状况/挑战的人,几乎 75% 的人不寻求任何专业帮助。许多人因耻辱感、羞耻感、对自身状况缺乏认识以及缺乏可获得的专业支持而孤立无援。

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Services Include:

•    Work-Life Balance and Work-Life Harmony Workshops to Improve Employee Wellness 

•    Workplace Wellness Workshops & Webinars to deliver Equal Access to Wellbeing

Resources across Physical, Virtual and Hybrid Workspaces

•    Reducing risk of Burnout in a high-pressure work environment

•    Training Employees in Stress Management and Resilience to cope with the volatility and challenges of the 21st century and Future of Work

•    Employee Engagement and Team Building Activities for Employees to Bond with Colleagues working from home and from different parts of the world

•    Improve Employee Relations: Applying Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness to Create a Sense of Belonging and Positive Workplace Culture

•    Corporate Fitness, Yoga and Dance Programs to Improve Physical Fitness

•    Consulting Services to Develop and Improve your Organization’s CSR Wellness Strategy: Internal Initiatives, External Community Projects, Philanthropy and Public Relations 

•    Wellness Training for Human Resources, People Management, Managers, Executives and Business Leaders

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Becoming Partners and Collaborating on a

Community Project that addresses a Social Cause




- 培养对心理健康的认识和理解,重点关注常见的心理健康问题,如抑郁、焦虑和压力。

- 将心理健康视为一项权利而不是一种奢侈品——不正常也没关系。

- 为参与者提供应对心理健康挑战的技能和资源

If your company has already decided on a social cause or target group that your company, we are open to discussion about implementing the collaboration / partnership.

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