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What is a Positivity Package?

Hong Kong’s COVID-19 situation is creating a lot of restrictions and challenges for office workers / parents. With the increased workload, people are facing a lot of pressure and increased stress which is harmful and dangerous.

The Positivity Package is a 3-Part Workshop Series designed for organizations to provide employees with easy, practical wellbeing tools to manage their stress, reduce the overall negativity, to stay positive, healthy and engaged while allowing this fifth wave of COVID to pass.
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Workshop #1 - Create Fun & Joy
Whilst Relieving Stress through Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a simple exercise which simultaneously reduces physical, mental and emotional stress whilst boosting positive emotions. Guaranteed to energize your people and boost teamwork and performance.
Laughter is also a fun wellness activity that is popularly requested by many organizations especially now that so many people are working from home and/or under quarantine. These sessions help team members reconnect with colleagues and enjoy happy feelings which is so important for boosting engagement, morale, happiness and it directly impacts business continuity. 
Participants report between 50% to 80% reduction in stress from a single 60-minute session of Laughter Yoga. They also get clarity on their tasks because their minds are open in the process.
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Testimonial from Client from a non-governmental organization:

"Although I was having a hard week, I felt really energized after the Laughter Yoga session."

Laughter yoga li & fung team building icebreaker energizer employee engagement solutions

Workshop #2 - Positive Rituals
To Boost Vitality, Engagement & Performance

Hang Seng University IYSL Institute of Youth Sustainability Leadership UN SDG Health Wellbeing
The biggest takeaway of this workshop is that your people will become positive ambassadors in your sustainable organisation and help with business continuity and grow revenues in spite of the external chaos and negativity.
Our positive rituals workshop is about knowing what activities to engage in that promote wellbeing. It's about learning and implementing new habits, lifestyle and behaviours that go a long way towards impacting the happiness, performance & engagement of your people. Our work is evidence based and guaranteed to boost happiness and morale and reduce the negativity that is currently very prevalent and creating a lot of stress in the minds of people.

Testimonial from Client in Banking Industry:

“Loved the workshop. I felt so peaceful after practising the techniques. Thank you for all the wellbeing tips and techniques. This is really useful because I am constantly dealing with challenges in a very stressful and competitive environment.”

Workshop #3 - Character Strengths In The Workplace 

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People that apply their character strengths at work report greater job satisfaction, three times more engagement and are able to meet and beat their sales targets.

When we know our strengths and use them in life, we thrive. In this workshop, your colleagues and teams will learn how to identify their character strengths and use them effectively in boosting performance, engagement and ride through the wave of Covid negativity smoothly. 

Whether you are a manager or a junior staff, you can become more resilient and bounce back from challenges when you apply your strengths in life.

Testimonial from Client in Education Sector:

“I feel happier and more resourceful after attending this workshop. I learnt new ways to apply my character strengths in my communication with my teenage kids and also in leading my team at work. It's almost like I learnt that I have a superpower which I can use anytime. Thank you”
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