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馬赫什(Mahesh Pamnani)

Mahesh Pamnani是Inspire2Aspire Consulting的創始合夥人,培訓師兼首席幸福官,擁有超過7年的設計和交付全香港健康,幸福和健康工作坊的經驗。

馬赫什(Mahesh Pamnani)
Education and Training

Mahesh Pamnani is the founding partner, trainer & Chief Happiness Officer at Inspire2Aspire Consulting with over 13 years of experience designing and delivering health, happiness and wellness workshops all over Hong Kong. 


Mahesh has a Bachelor’s degree in Science & Masters Degree in Behavioural Health & has studied Positive Psychology under Dr. Tal Ben Shahar at the Wholebeing Institute in USA and also studied Positive Psychology Coaching. He is well-versed in positive leadership and neuroscience.

He is also a Laughter Yoga teacher and an active Yoga practitioner.

Wellbeing at Universities, Corporates, NGOs around the World

Mahesh Pamnani是Inspire2Aspire Consulting的創始合夥人,培訓師兼首席幸福官,擁有超過12年的設計和交付健康,幸福與健康工作坊的經驗。



Mahesh擁有科學學士學位,並且在美國Wholebeing Institute的Tal Ben Shahar博士的帶領下研究了積極心理學,並且還研究了積極心理學教練。他精通積極的領導和神經科學。




他曾在TEDxHongKong,CSR Asia,未來工作場所論壇,傑出女性論壇等領先會議上主持會議。成千上萬人從他的研討會中受益。

Positive Education: Happy Classrooms and Future Readiness Workshops

In 2021, Mahesh started teaching Positive Education to empower our youth equip them with the beliefs, resources and personal skills necessary to lead a more engaged and fulfilling life.


Our Positive Education workshops emphasize positive values, a growth mindset, strengths-based education and include a lot of experiential elements such as games and discussions.

With over 30+ years’ experience running a very successful worldwide distribution business in Hong Kong and an active leadership coaching background, he brings his rich and diverse expertise to bring out the best in everybody. His unique, fun and participative approach engages the attendees and creates a whole new world of possibilities for them.

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